About Us

When we say “we make the greatest fish cleaning stations known to mankind,” we mean it.

We’re here for the true fishing enthusiasts; folks like you who are passionate about the sport, obsessive about quality, and ready to level up their fishing and outdoor living game.

Our high-end fish cleaning tables, canopies, and outdoor furniture combine functionality, durability, and aesthetics. In other words, our products look great, perform beautifully, and hold up, period.


Our Story

The idea for KillerDock started as a need. At home on Alabama’s Dauphin Island, Brian Williamson needed a better fish cleaning setup. He wanted a mounted table that actually made cleaning easier and faster, offered more space, and could stand up to the elements and look great doing it. As the owner of a sheet metal fabrication shop, he got creative and built his own custom station. Folks took notice immediately, and Williamson and his sons, Aaron and Jay, soon found themselves knee-deep in a fast-growing business. Following months of design, prototypes, experiments and innovation, the trio unveiled the inaugural KillerDock™ fish cleaning station in late 2018.

Today, KillerDock is a family-owned company dedicated to high-end sport fishing and quality outdoor leisure.

Built for Customization

We get it – if you’re truly passionate about fishing, you have unique preferences, specifications, and style. Whether it’s tailoring dimensions, adding specific features, or incorporating personalized touches, we can work with you to design exactly what you want and need. From residential homes to marinas, city piers to private multi-residences, we can help you create exactly what you have in mind.

Our Promise

Our Promise

With a growing list of US design and utility patents under our belt, we know we’ve created something special – and we’re just getting started. We also know that innovation and craftsmanship are only part of the equation; exceptional customer service is the secret sauce to the KillerDock experience. We promise every customer personalized attention, exceptional quality and support, and a lifetime of satisfaction.

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