the greatest fish cleaning stations known to mankind

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most people don’t have a fish cleaning station that they are proud of or enjoy

  • Is your fish cleaning station rotten or rusty?

  • Are you tired of getting filthy when you fillet your catch?

  • Have you rebuilt your table after a storm (or time) destroyed it?

  • Have you invested a lot in fishing but still need a fish cleaning table?

  • Do you want to make a splash and add the greatest fish cleaning station known to mankind?

If you clean fish, you need KillerDock.



the dock enhancement like no other


Make cleaning fish great again

For too many years, we have suffered from fish cleaning stations that are failing. Either we START OVER and build a make-shift wooden table, or JUST DEAL WITH IT and suffer another season with a piece of junk. 

Dock dysfunction is real. 

But you don’t have to be afflicted any longer.



“I’d rather be fishing”

— can now include —

“I’d rather be cleaning my fish”


How can you know that KillerDock is the right dock enhancement for you?

Do you love fishing?

Do you wish you had a better place to clean them?

Yes? - Then the answer is heck yes its right for you.

KillerDocK® by willfab 2019